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The Making of Salsa Open-Air D E F
Slime ... and grime Aguamenti Tergeo! Accio agua! Reducio! Equipment
But also without these jolly and sozzled nocturnal sit-ins the floor is all but proper in the following mornings. Due to the redesign 2009 of the access gates and the entire garden behind the building there's now a lot more traffic into the Rotunda. And since the former flagstone paths have converted into wide gravel ways there's now coming a lot more dirt, dust and sand into it.
Even in good dry weather. Not to mention after rain! Then there's mud as well. People do not wipe their shoes when they enter!
Like in the photo it looks especially in the rear part of the hall, close to the pools. For some guests the warm water of the fountaines stimulates their play instinct, so that the dirt turns into mud even without celestial assistance.
No! That would be too much for your precious dancing shoes. They would never forgive you. They would probably get a dust allergy, at best, or even suffer a live long trauma (if they would survive at all). In the name of your shoes, I can not permit that!