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The Making of Salsa Open-Air D E F
Slime ... and grime Aguamenti Tergeo! Accio agua! Reducio! Equipment
Relax! Here it comes from. Note: On our holy dancefloor only clear water and clean dancing shoes can be tolerated!
And what if the wells are turned off for any reason, e.g. if there has been an event on the Saturday before?
Yes, that's a reasonable question. For that case there are other fountains that have to bleed, e.g. the money fountain.
What? Up there next to the Münsterplatz? That far?
Oh! With a bike that's no problem, that's quite comfortable and pretty quick. With the car it would be really awkward ... That's not too bad, really.
And what about the two squeegees? I mean, in the meantime ...
Yeah, that would be bad, really bad. My only concern. I need at least 4 full buckets and when I then should come back with a bucket filled and they're ... just because some wimp believes he can tout them ... That would be pretty awful! Not only because this "tandem" is a special design but also because ... , supposing, I happen to have emptied one bucket ... or even worse: only one. Imagine: no dirty removed yet but quite a part of the floor underwater instead. Then not even Ruth's baby powder could the pull the cart out of the mud. Therefore I definitely prefer the fountains this way: running.