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We 29.9.
19:00 o'clock
Party & WS
Due to Corona canceled, at least until Easter Salsa Party usually every Wednesday from 19:30 till 24 o'clock. Entrance 6 € incl. a drink voucher of 3 € and a Salsa beginners class / workshop for advanced dancers at 18:30.
Alternating DJ's: 1.1. Alan
and workshops: . Here the entire overview of the coming dates
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Th 30.9. !
19:00 o'clock
Party & WS
Haus Laach
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Start neuer Tanzkurse & Tanzabende
Ab Montag, 23. März starten wir im „Haus Laach“ mit neuen Tanzkursen und Tanzabenden.
Jeden Montag von 19:00-20:00 Uhr Tanzkurs, ab 20:00 ...
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Fr 1.10. !
22:30 o'clock
Created by: DJ Senci (Hassan Khossousi): hkn1218(at) ; Last modified: Ulf: ULFinAix(at) edit/modify

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Pictures of most of these locations onChrissi's Salsa Homepage,
for further (supra-regional) information see also Klaus Reiter's Salsaholic